Monday, October 20, 2008

New Price: Fingerspell now only 99 cents!

Enjoy the great sign language app, Fingerspell, now for only 99 cents!

Learn the great American Sign Language (ASL) alphabet, and it's coming in German soon, too! Many don't realize that while sign languages differ widely across the globe, German Sign Language uses the same 26 signs for the alphabet as ASL, just with some additional signs for umlaut characters.

Stay Tuned!

MileBug: New version awaiting Apple's Approval

UPDATE: MileBug 1.1 Submitted to Apple!

As of Saturday afternoon, October 18th, MileBug 1.1 is in the queue under review! So only a few more days at the reduced price...and remember, updates are free!

WHAT'S NEW in 1.1?
• Option for kilometers vs miles (General Settings)
• Custom deduction rates
• Define multiple business rates (reimbursement vs. deduction)
• "Other" business category for percentage tax filers
• Foreign and other special characters supported in reports
• Notes included in reports
• SPANISH version

More updates coming with even more features!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Review on MileBug: 5 Thumbs Up!

Of course this is the Fingerspell blog, but we just have to share a new review on MileBug that was posted this morning: He loves it and has posted the review on his front page! 5 Thumbs Up! So if you want to get your 58.5 cents/mile tax deduction from the IRS for your business travel, check out MileBug, currently on the App Store at the temporary price of $2.99 until the update comes out later next week!

I'm told iTouchGuy at will also be doing a review of Fingerspell, so stay tuned and I'll let you know when that's posted.